The O'My's
Sunday JULY 28, 2019



Comprised of two gifted musicians, The O’My’s channel their experiences and perspective into gritty, polished music that grabs listeners with its sound, and holds them with its content. Nick Hennessey and Maceo Vidal-Haymes, two Chicago natives, man the keys and guitar respectively, with Maceo handling vocal duties. Maceo, a master writer, pens all lyrics himself, leading to emotion laden songs that resonate deeply with listeners. Constantly evolving with their sound, the duo have grown and progressed with each one of their four projects currently released, pushing their boundaries and challenging themselves with each release, and their forthcoming album is no different.



Newport Festivals Foundation has made a donation on behalf of The O’My’s to Young Chicago Authors (YCA). YCA hosts a free, weekly program where young Hip-hop artists can come to make beats and write bars, building community with other up-and-coming musicians. Emcee Wreckshop is hosted every Saturday by Chicago-based rappers and educators, Add-2 and Defcee. The grant from the Newport Festivals Foundation will support artist fees and production of the Wreckshop Mixtape, featuring the students' final compositions.

Quote from The O’My’s

Growing up in Chicago - a city with such a deep music history, inspiration & influence are everywhere around you. However, it really takes places like Young Chicago Authors for aspiring artists to hone their craft, collaborate with peers and find their voice. YCA has been pivotal to so many of the great artists that have come out of Chicago for the better part of the last decade and it's important for us to continue to support organizations like this that give so much back to the city & it's creative youth.

Quote from Rebecca J. Hunter, Executive Director

YCA is fortunate to know caring people and organizations that understand what a music education program like Emcee Wreckshop can mean for young people in Chicago. This generous grant, provided by the Newport Festivals Foundation and directed by the O'My's, will nourish youth creativity, identity, and activism.