S4:E1 How We Find New Music


S4:E1 How We Find New Music

Music discovery has been a part of Newport Folk's DNA since the beginning. In this first episode of Season Four, we pull back the curtain to see how the Newport Folk team is finding new artists and how music discovery has or hasn't changed over the years (hint: it's still all about the mixtape). As always, thank you for listening, and enjoy the episode! 

S3:E10 Ask Us Anything

Before you pack your bags and load up the car (or bike, or boat) give our latest "Ask Us Anything" podcast a listen. The Folk Team met up to answer a few questions you guys had about this year's festival (like, will there be oysters and lobster rolls? or Can I be Jay's apprentice?) Thank you for listening this season, and we'll see you at the fort! 

S3:E9 The Little Folk!

This episode of the podcast we heard from our favorite members of the folk community: the kids! We asked a few little folk to explain why they like the festival, their favorite memories and more. Parents, stay tuned for the end of the episode for some tips and advice from other families on how to prepare for Newport Folk. 

S3:E8 Speaking Truth to Power

Since its inception, Newport Folk has been a place for artists to speak truth to power. In this podcast episode, we spoke with Colin Meloy, Rhiannon Giddens, Alynda Segarra and more to answer two questions: What is it about Newport Folk that has kept it connected to protest movements? And with today's political climate, are we on the verge of another protest music era?

S3:E7 Inside the Museum

Ask any long time Newport Folk goer if he or she has a tip for the festival and chances are you’ll hear something along the lines of "make sure you check out the Museum".  In this podcast episode, we interviewed the folks behind this year’s Museum Stage programs (Joe Pug, The Ballroom Thieves, Chris Funk, Jalopy Theatre & Rick Massimo) to help us preview what’s to come. As always thanks for listening and we’ll see you soon.

S3:E6 Final Lineup Preview w/ Jay Sweet

Somehow, we've made it to the final lineup preview episode of the season. So we thought we'd talk with someone who claims to know a thing or two about the lineup...our Executive Producer, Jay Sweet. Podcast host, Dan sat down with Jay to discuss what goes into booking someone like Jim James, meeting Suzanne Vega and why he booked Jalen N'Gonda for the final slot. 

S3:E5 Lineup Preview with Hilary & Garland - Shovels & Rope, Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, & More

For this special NYC edition podcast, we packed up our mics and ventured down the East Coast to chat with Hilary Hughes (MTV, Pitchfork, Esquire) and Garland Harwood (Grass Clippings) about the most recent artists to join this year's lineup. We also couldn't resist pulling a little prank on Hilary... Stay tuned for the end of the episode, we've got a clue for the next artist we'll be announcing  on the lineup.

S3:E3 Lineup Preview with Meg Griffin - John Prine, Regina Spektor, & More

When it comes to talking about music, there aren't too many people who are as qualified as Meg Griffin. She's been a DJ for over 40 years, she's the host of Meg Griffin's Disorder on Sirius XM's the Loft Channel and she's on the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Committee. In this lineup preview episode, we sat down with Meg to discuss meeting John Prine, being brought to tears by the music of Regina Spektor, and much more. 

S3:E2 Lineup Preview - Dr. Dog, Angel Olsen, & More

Who is the Miley Cyrus of the folk music? Is Matt the Electrician a certified electrician? What about that mysterious Waterside Stage: real or conspiracy? These questions and more answered in this lineup preview episode of the Newport Folk Podcast! We sat down with Andy St. Pierre (Allston Pudding) and Jessica L Phaneuf (WUMB) to discuss the six most recent artists announced via the rolling lineup. Stayed tuned for the end of the episode, we've got another hint for the artist we'll be announcing tomorrow. 

S3:E1 Lineup Preview - Fleet Foxes, DBT, Big Thief and More

Lineup announcements have begun! To celebrate, we're turning this podcast into the ultimate lineup preview show. Every two weeks, we'll have a new guest on the show to discuss the artists we've announced. That way, you - the folk - get to know these artists and their music. To kick things off, we invited NPR's Tori Bedford and Jason Turesky to join podcast host, Dan Swain to discuss and play music from The Fleet Foxes, Margaret Glaspy, Big Thief, Marlon Williams, Drive-By Truckers and Choir! Choir! Choir! ....oh, and stay tuned until the end of the episode, we've got a clue for the next artist we're going to announce on the lineup. 

S2:E7 – Around the Corner

There is no "right way" to experience Newport. Some folks like to plan every minute, others prefer to see where the day takes them. In this final episode before the festival, we sat down in the office to discuss how we like to prepare and some of our favorite rituals and tips we've heard from the folk fans. As always, thanks for listening and remember to dry-clean your wrist bands!

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S2:E6 – Middle Brother

It's been five long years since our good friends John McCauley, Taylor Goldsmith and Matt Vasquez took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival as 'Middle Brother'. To celebrate their return, we sat down with each of them to discuss how this "un-supergroup" originally formed and what to expect from their set this summer at Newport. 

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S2:E5 – A Chat With Phil

What happens when you put a group of legendary gospel singers (The Blind Boys of Alabama), a vocalist from an electronic group (Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso) and a multi instrumentalist/songwriter (Phil Cook) on stage together? You get "Southland Revue". This podcast episode we sat down with Phil, the mastermind behind this epic collaboration set, to find out how this all came together. Thanks for listening and enjoy the episode! 

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S2:E2 - Lineup Conversation

We've announced over 30 artists to our lineup, so far. Keeping track of all that music isn't easy (it's a nice problem to have). Which is why we decided to do a Lineup Preview podcast episode.

We asked two local music connoisseurs (Perry Eaton of Boston.com and Co Founder of Allston Pudding and Nina Corcoran of Consequence of Sound and DigBoston) to help us dig through the lineup and highlight some of the hidden gems you might not be too familiar with. Enjoy the episode and thanks for listening!

S2:E1 Thank You

As the old adage goes "it takes a village." For our festival by the sea, that village is made up of hardworking staff, dedicated volunteers, the artists and their crew, and of course, you, the folk. This first podcast episode of season two is a thank you to everyone who made our 2015 festival a success--without your support and dedication, none of this would be possible. It's also our way of putting a cap on 2015. As much as we'd like to spend the rest of the year reminiscing there's work to be done, guitars to be tuned and bands to be booked. So as always, enjoy the episode and thank you for listening.