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Shovels & Rope

Saturday, July 26, 2014

When I first met Cary Ann and Michael it was at the AllWays Lounge in New Orleans. I was already a fan and was beyond thrilled to play with a band that I knew was special. They were honest. They were what people need. They brought it really hard. When Cary Ann sang “Hollowpoint Blues”, I found myself screaming like it was Beatlemania. When Michael sang “When I”, I found myself in tears. The tears lasted. I was so touched by them and their music. I felt like their humanity and spirit and Love was infectious.

Definitely the Love.

Let’s pause here.

These people Love each other with a capital “L”.

That Love is bursting off the stage with their eye contact and smirks and inextricably close harmonies. With their passion for playing each others’ songs. Their respect for each other and the partnership they’ve built with “nothin’ but a shovel and a rope” is an inspiration. It’s a beautiful, soul stirring thing to witness. It gives people hope, it gives the music a key to our hearts. They walk right in there and make you feel something.

I am honored to be called a “cousin” by these two incredibly talented songwriters. They are both drummers, flat pickers, and rock and rollers who are on a path that I believe is a very important one. They are the stuff legends are made of. (I’m not afraid to say it.)

– Alynda Lee Segarra

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