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Death Vessel

Friday, July 25, 2014

Rhode Island is often associated with the small stuff. Locals (proudly) call it the “biggest little state in the union”; I’ve even heard creative math that lil’ Rhody is 3% bigger at low tide. But what Rhode Island lacks in square miles, it makes up for in talent and artistry. This year, we’re proud to bring Death Vessel to the stages of Newport Folk. The layers of sound and the scales that Joel Thibodeau can cover is what first caught my attention. Knowing that he represents Rhode Island only makes his artistry more special.

There are 161 days until Death Vessel steps onto the stage at Newport. In that time, explore his music. His new album Island Intervals will be released on February 25. That should give you ample time to get to know yet another reason why lil’ Rhody is so great.

– Brittany Manley

      Production Coordinator, Newport Festivals Foundation